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Mother nature in action - had a visitor

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We spent a week up at our vacation home.  It's remote and hidden up in the mountains.  Mother nature is everywhere.  When we arrived the first thing I always do is open up the home and do a sweep to make sure it's secure etc.  On the back porch we found a bird nest with babies in it.  It was cool except the mess below it on the floor :)




We wo Derek what to do.  My daughter wants to adopt everything.....  then the next day we were hanging out having coffee when we saw our visitor.




I caught this pic but a second before the snake was stretched to within 3 inches of that nest.  It just didn't have enough length to support itself the extra bit but still impressive. 


We named the snake Ike.  He visited us 4 or 5 times a day while we were there.  The birds by the end of our trip learned to fly and left the nest.  We got to watch them figure it out.  


I'll need to figure out how Ike is getting inside.  The porch is 8' off the ground.  I know these rat snakes are excellent climbers. 


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