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Well, even though the monsoons have hit, we are still under  fire restrictions, so I am still cooking on the gasser. I wanted to take part in the 3rd Covid challenge and had my dish all set ( Shrimp Scampi) and then the"thunder from down under" Lydia beat me to it with that amazing dish she put together. So I had to punt and come up with something else other than shrimp.  I decided to do some spun Greek hens with grappa, cold pressed olive oil with Meyer lemon, and a risotto with dates, green onions, and olives. Now as I figured it up, there are five ingredients, 1. Hens, 2.risotto,3.olives, 4.green onions, 5. chopped dates. Now I may be creative but I am figuring the garlic, grappa, and lemon juice are all part of a wet rub baste so they don't count as an numbered ingredient .Whatcha think Ck and Kismet ? Any way legal or not, here is my cook.



I accounting this as one for a wet rub / baste.


Here is the olive, date, onion mix for the risotto.



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3 hours ago, skreef said:

Wow! intense flavors going on in this cook. You got me at Dates. Love them. Great Entry @keeperovdeflame

My wife and I took a trip to the Holy Land last Feb and March. The Date, Olive, Onion, Garlic risotto is our take on a Jewish side dish we had often in Israel. It goes very well with everything from poultry and lamb to even brisket. The salty, sweet, tangy, and soft flavor combination is very satisfying and qualifies as Israeli comfort food.

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