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Ham Steak Dinner - 5 Ingredients

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Ham steaks served with hassle back potatoes and corn. 


My 5 ingredients:


Ham steaks

Pineapple slices



Sun dried tomato dressing. 






Corn and potatoes prepped and cooking. 







Ham steaks cooking. The sun was going down. The lighting sucked and it's a crappy picture. 





Time for dinner. 





Yea 5 ingredients was very generous for a challenge. I was going to setup the challenge as 3 ingredients but didn't want to scare anyone off. 




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23 hours ago, len440 said:

Sk don't eat corn? i live for this time of year finally have fresh home grown corn on the cob, right off the grill. Only teasing we eat what we like 

Lol.. I do eat corn, but depends on how it was season. My favorite is @ckreef cream corn. It taste like home.

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7 hours ago, len440 said:

I've met a lot of country girls and you can't get the country out of them, but why would you. Besides with her recipes we can over look this minor fault. I've made a lot of her provolone in a skillet recipe.

That was @ckreef provolone cook, but I did watch him cook it if that counts...lol..and yes he has been trying to take my Country card for years now..lol...but I'm stuck with this accent. Even Google can't understand me...:rofl:

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That’s a mighty full and diverse plate with only 5 ingredients!  Don’t see many ham steak cooks. Great entry with something a little more off the beaten path. 

I think we could manage to swing a 3 ingredient cook as long as you didn’t throw in a “nothing fresh and nothing frozen” twist. Lol. 

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Ham steak? That had me fascinated but then again the UK and the US are two great nations divided by a common language! We call that gammon and it’s one of my favourites so I’ll definitely by trying that one day and then the pineapple grilled on top, couldn’t be better. 

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