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Masterbuilt 1050 Controller Accuracy—My Thoughts


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Whatever I’m cooking is done when its internal temperature reached my target.  And I don’t agonize over moderate pit temperature swings as long as the average pit temperature is close to my setting.


However, I closely monitor each cook’s pit temperature with a FireBoard because I want to estimate the schedule for getting side dishes on the table at the same time as the entrée and I need to know about flameouts or temperature over-runs.


I’ve cooked four meals on my Masterbuilt 1050.  On the second cook I realized that the wind was blowing into the pit through the exhaust opening and cooling the FireBoard sensor more than the controller sensor.  Fortunately, I have a two-sided place on the patio, in a corner of the house, that provides effective wind abatement.


Chicken Strips


For this cook The FireBoard probe was close to the controller probe but pointed at the cold food.


The 1050 registered 400°F but my Fireboard, with the temperature probe within an inch of the Masterbuilt’s probe, but pointed at the close by cold food, registered 360-365°F.


The 40°F temperature difference was a bit disconcerting, but the chicken strips cooked at the normal rate, so I figured that the proximity to the cold food caused the difference.  


Salisbury Steak


I parked the 1050 out of the wind and put the FireBoard probe behind the baking dish.



I was pleased that the FireBoard tracked with the 1050’s controller.


I’m beginning to think that the Masterbuilt 1050’s controller is spot-on.  The secret seems to be to–

  • Stop the wind from blowing into the pit and cooling the FireBoard probe
  • Position the FireBoard probe in the proper location


Are you monitoring the Masterbuilt controller's temperature accuracy?  What results are you getting?

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 For what it is worth there is already a mod for a wind baffle for the masterbuilt as well as a firebox mod made from stainless after weeks of use, the charcoal chute was already rusting and flaking. I want one of these but am questioning the long term outlook but I guess it can be maintained.


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33 minutes ago, Marty said:

For what it is worth there is already a mod for a wind baffle for the masterbuilt as well as a firebox mod made from stainless after weeks of use, the charcoal chute was already rusting and flaking.


Thanks for the tips.  Masterbuilt's official comment about the chute degradation is that it's planned.  They say that the lightweight metal is there to hold the firebrick in place during shipping.  When the metal is completely gone the firebrick will be the chute lining.


I have the stainless steel charcoal chute liner on hand (and the SS manifold cover) but haven't installed it.


Please tell me more about the wind baffle for the 1050.  Where will I find more information?

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I'm wondering if there's a way to enclose the FireBoard probe in a shield to prevent the wind from cooling it.  It would be much the same as Masterbuilt's solution.  I've not done anything about it because I'm thinking that I may learn to trust the Masterbuilt's controller and only require the FireBoard for monitoring the meat's internal temperature.  Then, too, the Masterbuilt has a meat probe (that I haven't used) that may make the FireBoard completely unnecessary.


So, I'm biding my time.

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