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Classic 2 with ikamand or classic 3 without

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Huge joe and man cave fan.  Looking to buy a new joe (my original joe is at a cabin).  My budget is stretched right now but I’m looking at a classic two with I kamad or the classic three without the fan...thoughts???

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8 hours ago, John Setzler said:

If it's boiling down to the cost of the iKamand, I'd buy the Classic 2 with the iKamand.  As you can see by my tagline below, I am an advocate of temp control systems.  If it were ME, I would buy the Classic 3 and then add the controller later.

Thanks John, a good plan.  I guess this will be my dream cooker, maybe I’ll try and get retailer to throw in a cover, then justify the iKamand now lol.

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Timing is everything. Make your move for either KJ with a temp controller when you find a price in your budget. If you want to do this, patience is a must. You can consider a source for either the KJ or the temp controller or both. There are no "rules" for buying other than your personal budget standard and not spending much beyond it.


You may buy from separate sellers. Watch for sales. Look at new in box or sometimes "gently used" prices. Sometimes just a slight amount above a price you want to pay can work. Always ask for a discount. Be prepared to walk away from a seller who cannot or will not work with you.

And remember. "If a price is too good to be true, watch out ".



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So with the ok from my wife, I went classic three and got a “deal” as we were buying appliances.  I then “invested” those savings in a fireboard2 drive.   Bought the fireboard fan and a pack of KJ starter cubes from Atlanta Grill Co.   They threw in a full size rub, $12.99 on line price!   Very nice surprise!!!

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