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Originally I was going to do a sausage and pepperoni pizza, but two fails with the dough from a local pizza restaurant made me reconsider. This was my plan B for the five ingredient cook.


Started out with some cucumbers and onions in vinegar.



The steak was a boneless rib eye. I didn't get one as thick as I wanted, but it cooked up the way I wanted it. I also got some asparagus to have as the vegetable. 



Seasoned the steak with Wing-A-Lings Over the Moon steak rub. Rubbed the asparagus in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then on to the grill.



Off the grill and ready for the table.



And the plated shot with the cucumbers and onions added to the plate.









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8 hours ago, daninpd said:

I'm just guessing, but if you are like me the first two pizza attempts came out looking like a map of Africa?

They weren't round. The first one was not stretched out enough and it had a huge crust around the edge that didn't get fully cooked. The second one I tried to give it a second rise, but in reforming the dough ball it did not get it totally sealed on the bottom. When I went to stretch it out i had a hole in the middle and had to move dough around to fill the hole. It was better, but still not what I was trying for.

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They were sliced and brined in sugar and salt water for an hour. Then drained and covered with white vinegar. Unless you want red vinegar and cucumbers use a white or yellow onion. The first ones my wife did this summer were made with a red onion and everything came out reddish pink.

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