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Residue from cover sticking to handle


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I can't really figure this one out but my brand new Pro S is having some kind of residue that's either transferring from the cover to the dome handle or the handle to the cover. Its also happening on the sides of the shelves. This was happening before I ever used the grill so it's not a result of putting the cover on while the grill was hot. The grill is not in direct sunlight and sits under a gazebo.


If I use soap and water I can get some of the residue off the inside of the cover but I can't get it off the handle which makes me think the handle/shelves are the problem. Vision tech support said they've never seen this before and they're sending me a new cover. I asked for a new handle but they said at this time they can only send a cover to see if the problem returns.


Anyone experience this?




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I have this exact same problem on my Vision S. I was under the impression that the handle gets soft in the Dallas heat where I live and sticks to the cover. I feel like it is a manufacturing/material issue, but am curious what others think as well. It could also be that the cover material is the culprit. Or maybe the two materials together. The best solution I can think of would be to try to replace the handle with a custom made wood handle. It doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to do, but also annoying.  I’ve only owned the grill for a couple months. 

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Late reply fellas but the new cover that vision sent me solved the problem. When I had the 2 covers side by side I could feel the difference on the inner material for the cover. The new cover they sent me does not leave this residue on the handles/shelves. Perhaps there was a manufacturing defect on a number of covers. Contact vision and ask for a new one

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