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KJ Classic + Big Joe Cart w/some build photos

Matt Nudi

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Hello all. Fairly new here but figured I would share my recent cart build. This is a table for a KJ Classic I and a KJ Big Joe II. The design was made based on the Kamado Joe installation guide documentation including the hole openings, as well as the height from the base to the top of the concrete table. The design is heavily inspired by Smoking Dad BBQ, and then got the idea for the siding from the “Smoke and Hammer” table, which I don’t think they ever finished/posted about. 


First thing that I was surprised about was that the grills were sitting a bit higher than expected. Per the KJ installation guide, the distance from the surface that they are sitting on to the top should be 14.5”. In this design, the distance from the top of the porcelain tiles to the top of the concrete is exactly 14.5”, but the grills sit higher than you’ll see in the sample documentation from KJ. If I did this again, I would drop them by another 1” or so. 


The insulation below the porcelain tiles that the grills are sitting on is calcium silicate, which has an extremely low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength. This should any potentially for the underlying wood to get hot with long, or high temp cooks. 


All of the wood on this is made from cedar, and the concrete top was made using the typical box store high-strength concrete mix, and finished with many layers of tung oil. The wood is all sealed with a clear deck sealer. The plan is to have this sitting about 1-2’ farther from the house once we get our concrete extended a bit. For not I’ll keep an eye on the temps and make sure the siding isn’t getting too warm.


I’ve posted more build photos here if anyone is interested in seeing some of the process. If there’s interest I can try to put together some dimensions and additional info so that others trying to build a big joe table can have a starting point for what dimensions to work from. 






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That is fabulous — I’m new to Kamado cooking and already considering a second one (second Classic or Joe Jr.??).  I would love to have a table like that to house both.  Great work!  Happy grilling!!

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