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Oil City Dogs

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The Windy City of Chicago has nothing on the wind here in Wyoming.... so I decided to pay homage to my towns nickname in the title of my challenge cook and dubbed my creation the Oil City Dog. 

Had to take black Akorn Jr to work with me since I sold work based red Akorn Jr back when we first started clearing out the shop for the shut down.  Little guy called shotgun and I couldn’t tell him no. 



Had to get a little creative.... Definitely wasn’t going to be able to run this dog all the way through the garden with only five ingredients, but improvised a bit to get as close as possible.  



The Bunn coffee pot that has been there longer than my 17 years seemed to be a fitting backdrop.  This is also the only work surface left in the empty kitchen.  Used spicy pickle spears for the pickle to account for no peppers.  And a pickle is almost just solid relish, so felt like I was covering all those bases. I took a little liberty with a creole mustard rub to get a hint of mustard flavor without using mustard as an ingredient.  Seasoned them up when I got to work and threw them in the fridge to let the rub get saucy.   Never seasoned a hot dog before, but seemed to work ok. 



Meanwhile, Akorn Jr was feeling pretty lonely out in the yard all by himself.  In the good old days there would have been a yard full of equipment, cable and trucks to keep him company.  



Hot dogs had done their thing with the mustard rub.  



And on to the grill. Thankfully, I did hot dogs and not hamburgers because I had no utensils other than plastic ware, so just flipped and turned them by hand. 



Wowzers those were hot. 



Plated up the hotdog in a bun with onion, spicy pickle spear and tomato.  Used poppy seeds (couldn’t find poppy seed buns) and celery seeds (not sure how different this is from celery salt) as my freebie seasonings to top it off. 




And there you have it... a COVID-19 challenge cook and a final work cook all in one. 


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37 minutes ago, daninpd said:

In that one shot I was looking for C3PO to be in the background rushing up to R2D2.  Good looking dogs.

I was thinking the same thing, either that or Matt Damon grilling up a few dogs next to the Mars rover in the Martian's. Absolutely fine looking dog, looks a lot like the Buttkas Brat they do at Chicago Dogs. Excellent cook and truly fine story. 

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