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Third pizza cook


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Well I on my third round for pizza and these were the best ones yet. I tried all purpose flour on the second and they were ok but got some more 00 flour for these. Also added a little garlic and Parmesan to outer crust in these...so getting better. I have cooked steaks, pork tenderloin, pork butt, pizzas, blueberry stuffed peaches (got the recipe on here) and about to try my first brisket and I must say I’m loving the classic 3. Just got in a KJ soapstone and plan on doing some smash burgers in the next week. Here are a few pics of my last pizzas:




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I finished my 3rd pizza cook on Sunday,. Learned so much after the first one thanks to this site, didn't get my grill hot enough for the 2nd cook, but my 3rd time feels like I'm getting in a groove.  Using store bought pizza dough for now, but look forward to experimenting with some home made doughs



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