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Big Joe III is on the truck headed to the house today!!!


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It didnt show!


The gal from the trucking company called me yesterday to setup the appointment. She said its in the terminal which is local to me. She said they want to deliver it tomorrow (today) from 9-5. I told her I would not be home until 2.


She said ok no problem the driver will call you when he is on the way she would put a note on the shipper.


So after not hearing from him today I decided to check the tracking info, why I did not do that yesterday who knows.


It scheduled to be delivered 8/18 between 1pm and 5pm.




So I am calling tomorrow. I am on a early shift all week and get home at 2 pm so this week is perfect. Also I am sure they dont need the thing sitting in their terminal a whole week


Maybe they can hurry this along.



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Sorry I was away


Actually its coming tomorrow. I will update


As far as when I ordered, it was June 17th


I ordered it from the Ceramic Grill store in Texas


$2049 shipped to my door, and they include the CGS grill expander they make and sell for free



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2 hours ago, Buttburner said:

All I did was unbox the cart since the box didnt look too healthy but everything is fine!!!

Yep.  When my box showed up, the upper box in particular, and the lower crate too, looked a bit abused.  But inside, everything was fine.  I did take and send several photos to the store that sold me mine just in case there later turns out to be an issue, but so far I'm good.

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Well its together and everything is flawless, I have to say. After reading about other's experiences lately I was a bit leery unpacking and setting everything up. Also in the pic is my CGS expander grate I think it will come in real handy. It got it free with the purchase of the pit from The Ceramic Grill Store


I just did a quick chicken for my first cook on Saturday.


Temps are a piece of cake to control, but I am coming off an Akorn that I had for years so the learning curve is short.


I also did burgers and pork and beans yesterday


I made the worst burgers of my life! No fault of the pit, do not try the recipe for bbq cheddar burgers and come in the manual!!!


They tasted fine but the burgers did not hold together, too much moisture in the mix. I was making them for some family I invited over, luckily I reserved some plain burger and put them on rescuing the cook.


Thats what I get for trying out a new recipe on someone LOL




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