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Charcoal Question

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I have a question regarding charcoal.   I use Royal Oak lump charcoal almost exclusively.   My question is, when you get to the bottom of the bag you are left with tons of small little pieces.   I find it hard to get a good hot fire going for high temp cooks with these small pieces.   My guess is that there is less air flow since the pieces are so small.


All of that being said, is it best to just not use those small pieces and trash them or is there some way to salvage and use them?

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I use a 1/2" screen to remove the "fines".   I then use those small pieces that fall thru in my garden.  Mix with the compost.  BTW:  I also use a R.O. product called NatureGlo. It comes in 40# bags.   I NEVER use briqs, esp Kingford.  Smells terrible and imparts a nasty taste on the food.

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Different bags of the same bags contain different sizes of charcoal I've had a couple of Royal Oak that was only 50 cent sized pieces and then this year a bag with all giant pieces. Ckreef has a good review on charcoal, and John is starting a video review. The small pieces i just pitch 

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