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Greetings from English South Lakes

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Just saying hello from the high northern shore of Morecambe Bay. I think I am ready for a kamado but need to watch this forum a bit. I fancy a decent quality one but need to learn what that means yet. Also, I am limiting my budget - don’t want to spend thousands. Will watch and learn happily. As  indicated in the profile I have some experience with cooking with fire and smoke and with constructing “things” such as a rather large pizza oven which I am really proud of. 

I hope that with your advice the pizza oven will be joined by a tasteful kamado :-)


all the best,




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Welcome!   I’m a big fan of kamado joe.   I have a classic 1 at a cabin and am waiting for delivery on the classic 3 at my home.   The price from the original to the three will vary greatly but any of them will serve you well.   If you entertain a lot or have a large family consider the big joe.   Enjoy the ride!

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Third follow the start here at the beginning of this forum John's Kamado book is a very good source of info . Good luck with your choice, I have a classic II and enjoy the heck out of it. Went with the classic II due the new hinge system ( wife is 5ft 2in and can lift it ) From what i seen on this forum all the Kamado's work well.Keep us updated

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You have quite a collection! 

All kamados have their strong points,many come from the same Chinese Company, Auber, I believe. 

Kamado Joe are well made and extremely versatile due to the myriad of accessories available. 

Kamados are fun to use and provide wonderful food. 

Good Luck, I imagine you will find one that You’ll enjoy! 

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