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First Brisket Cook

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I have been bbq'ing for 22 years since the age of 15. Very confident with my open flame bbq/charcoal game. Picked up a Vision Pro S about a month ago and have done several low n slow cooks (chicken, ribs, pork butt) with great success. Attemped my first brisket ever and the results were "ok"...


Vision Grills Kamado cooked at 225F
8.5lb untrimmed brisket flat cut in 2 pieces
Small cut - 3 to 1 pepper to salt ratio. *Rookie mistake - trimmed off way too much fat from the cap* Cooked fat side down on lower grate with fat trimmings on upper grate dripping down
Large cut - Traeger prime rib rub. Injected with beef broth. *Removed very little fat from cap
Both cuts back in the refrigerator after marinating for about 3 hours
Both cuts cooked to 165 IT
Small cut did not stall and steadily climbed to 165
Large cut stalled for 3 hours at 150-151
Small cut wrapped in foil with 1/3 cup mixed apple juice/beef broth
Large cut wrapped in butcher paper
Both cuts cooked to 203-204 IT
Small cut was vented for a few minutes then wrapped in same foil, wrapped in a towel and into the cooler
Large cut was left on counter until IT dropped to 170 (about 50 minutes), stayed wrapped in same butcher paper, wrapped in towel and placed in cooler
Small cut was finished 3 hours early and sat in the cooler for 4.5 hours
Large cut was in the cooler for almost 2 hours

Both cuts did not feel "probe tender" after coming off the grill at 204. There was a little resistance going in and coming out

Both cuts tasted a little dry but the larger cut was definitely more moist. Small cut was a bit tough while the large cut was more tender. Bark was present on both cuts and we couldnt really tell a difference in the bark between the cuts. However, we were not really fans of just salt and pepper.

I know its hard to keep flats very juicy but what could I have changed to possibly achieve that juicy/tender flat? Was my mistake cooking to 204 and not probing earlier? Should both cuts have rested much longer before going in the cooler?

Overall, still pretty happy for my first brisket



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My $0.02 is that the flats alone can be very dry. You need to try to pick one that displays as much marbling of fat as possible to keep it moist throughout the cook.


Also, cutting it into 2 pieces probably didn't help much. I find that the bigger the piece of meat, the better results I get.


I normally pull mine off the K at 195F or thereabouts as they will still continue to cook in the cooler for a while. 


A lot of the end result will be determined by the meat that you put on in the first place.


But experimenting is always tasty!

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Good on you for stepping up to the holy grail of barbecue! 

I wish you continued success and improvement! 

My secret to the perfect brisket? 

Two words:

Chuck Roast! 

Much smaller investment and result. I don't need that much food even if it comes out great. And if it doesn't you haven't flushed a bunch of $$ and and time down the kamado. 

I say perfect chuckies and then circle back to the brisket and kill it! 


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I was really interested in this thread and have experienced the same problem great point but flat a bit dry. When checking the temperature and it being done (205), my probe is always in the point.


Would it be better at the flat as I am sure the flat must be over 205 at the point. Do you think this would help?


Many thanks, Rich

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After much reading it seems the general consenus is that flats are hard to keep from drying out unless they placed in a pan, smoothered in something and covered with foil.


Also, probing early at around 190ish for that butter like feel is the best move. I probably overcooked taking it to 204.

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