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Big Joe III Custom Table Help!

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Hi everyone, I am currently in the design stage of my build. Does anyone have a diagram of the Big Joe 3 dimensions and clearances I would need to follow.

I've attached a example of what im looking for, more or less.

The attached file something that I found on the web, but it’s  for a Big Joe II

Thanks Sergio



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HI there,

I am also trying to source the ceramic feet for my build.

It’s a lot harder and much more expensive to do anything in Canada, and even more difficult during these pandemic times.

looking for 8 feet total.


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Go to Lowes or Home Depot and look for ceramic pot feet in the gardening section.  Get some of the most shiny enamel looking red paint and paint them to match the KJ.  I've got a set under mine and they look great, and they give a little bit more room for air flow.  Oh, can't help you with the III, I've got the II.  

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On 8/23/2020 at 5:56 PM, Sergio G said:

Thanks guys

really appreciate it, shipping gets expensive , i'm in canada.


instead of 8 feet, have you thought about one of these nest deals?


I am buying one for my KJC2. So I will have 3 feet I wont be using. But youre right shipping to CAN gets pricey. It looks like ~$28 for a small flat rate box with USPS.

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