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Grates falling in fire??


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I feel kinda dumb asking this


Big Joe III third cook.


Did kabobs last night, I had it setup for direct grilling and had the grates in the top position.


After the cook, I took the wire brush to the grates. Without much pressure, one fell in to the coals. Then the other one. I was just brushing them like I would normally do to any grates. But of course these are different being split.


Is this normal? Do I have to be that careful that they dont fall in?


Or do I have the grates in wrong? I dont know how else they could go


I would hate this to happen with a load of food on them.


Maybe I just need to get used to it and be more careful?



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Ok thanks. After reading your answer I took a close look at your video on the system. I think you are right, I probably have the grates in the wrong direction, I did not pay attention to those 2 tabs on the divide and conquer rack.


Looks like they lock the grates in place.


Makes sense. I will look when I get home



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