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Apple Leather Extreme

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I do a lot of dehydrator stuff.   Some of which is meat smoke in my kamado , others complete backpacking meals, fruits, leathers, crackers, etc.   My LEM dehydrator gets a lot of use especially this time of year.   The other day I had  about 8 Granny Smith apples, and decided to dehydrate them as they were getting a bit old.   I did this in two stages.   Sliced and peeled them and rolled them in a mixture of citric acid and sugar, and dehydrated them to the tough stage.   I then removed them from the rack and put them in the blender with 1 can of frozen concentrate apple juice and blended them into a thick goo, which I spread on dehydrator sheets and dehydrated into a leather.    The flavor is intense.   A wonderful twist I will be using again.     I've been playing with kiwis, and mangos a bit.   Kiwi leather is delicious.  Mango best sliced,   I basted the mangos with a thick syrup of sugar and citric acid during the process to intensify and sharpen the flavor..... this also was a great success.   I also made a pina colada leather.... my own invention... using canned pineapple, shredded coconut, and banana.    Dried crunchy, more like a cracker.  It  makes a nice backpacking snack.



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I love dried apple slices but nobody seems to ever carry them around here. I had a cheap dehydrator in the past that didn’t work real well and now just have a dehydrate option on my oven.  I think I need to look at getting a better stand alone unit.  I too like it for backpacking and canoe trips.  

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