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Charcoal Basket for the Blaze Kamado


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Wow, this is the charcoal basket Blaze Kamado, in my humble opinion, should have included with their aluminum grill. After much searching, I found a stainless steel charcoal basket on Amazon that looked as if it might fit the Blaze Kamado, the Only Fire Stainless Steel Charcoal Ash Basket for X-Large Big Green Egg Ceramic Grills.  I took a chance ordering this because I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but I thought I'd be able to adapt it to fit. Fortunately, I was correct. This basket is of sufficient build quality to adapt easily to fit into the Blaze Kamado like a glove. All I needed was a $20 cutoff saw to trim off four small sections of stainless steel around the top circumference to bypass the four cast-in-place supports that the middle grate rests on.  This allowed the basket to settle perfectly in place on top of the charcoal grate. I also trimmed off the two handles, which allowed the middle grate to sit on these four supports just above the top of the basket with no interference whatsoever.  In my opinion, the handles aren't absolutely necessary to handle a cold basket, which is the only time I touch it.  For those unfamiliar with the Blaze Kamado, it doesn't have a separate firebox. The bottom vent isn't designed to be used as a cleanout. The ash and smaller bits of charcoal fall through the charcoal grate and into a stainless steel pan that sits on the very bottom of the aluminum kamado. Cleanout requires removing the leftover charcoal, then the charcoal grate. Finally you lift the full ash pan out and dump it. Having a charcoal basket makes this process so much easier because it contains the leftover charcoal, which can be easily lifted out and set aside while completing the grate and ash pan removal and cleaning. The trimming does not affect the basket's utility at all. Please refer to the attached photos. The basket also comes with a nice center divider (not shown) so you can build a fire on only one side of the kamado if you prefer. Blaze Kamado owners can order this with the confidence that they can trim it to fit their grill if they have minimal cutoff saw skills. As always working with such tools, wear your appropriate eye and face protective equipment.


Three cuts like this.jpg

Only one cut like this.jpg

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