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On 11/14/2020 at 2:50 PM, Mark Kamado said:

That looks great. What was the dough recipe?

Well, I've tweaked it over the years but it is a simple "bread machine" dough. It takes an hour and a half on the "Dough" setting in the bread machine. This recipe makes (3) 13-14" pizzas for a thinner crust. You can substitute in bread sticks, cheesy garlic twists, monkey bread, etc. for one of the pizzas as well. In any case, making (3) pizzas from this recipe gives us a crust that what we like but the recipe was initially for (2) pizzas of that size. So, this is what we use and again it has been tweaked over the years to get us where we like it. You can certainly play with the ingredients to get it where you like it. I know I still experiment from time to time adding things in and/or altering things.


(2) cup all purpose flour

(2) cup bread flour

(1) tbsp sugar

(2) tbsp room temp butter

(1) tsp salt

(2) tsp dry yeast

1-1/3 water (110* F)


That's it! Throw that stuff in the bread machine and you'll have dough in 90 minutes. Stupid easy and dang good.


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