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Smoke-Roasted New York Striploin on the MasterBuilt 1050


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  1   New York Striploin

~1  Cup of beef rub, your choice (I used Pappy’s Prime Rib Rub)

~½ Cup of Worcestershire sauce (you’ll need enough to make a paste of a consistency that you like)




  1. Trim all of the fat and silverskin from the loin so that the rub will reach the meat.
  2. Mix the rub and Worcestershire sauce to a paste consistency that easily spreads and adheres to the loin.
  3. Liberally apply the rub paste to the loin’s top, bottom and sides.
  4. Wrap the loin in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
  5. Preheat the smoker to 225°F.
  6. Remove the New York Striploin from the refrigerator and remove the plastic wrap.
  7. Dust the loin again with the beef rub.
  8. Roll the loin when the internal temperature (IT) reaches 60°F.  (Optional)
  9. Pull the loin when the internal temperature reaches 120°F.
  10. Reverse sear the loin on all sides for about 15 minutes total.  Do not allow the IT to exceed your desired serving temperature minus about 7°F.
  11. Rest the roast about 10 minutes, carve and serve.


NOTE:  I use a different rub almost every time I smoke-roast beef.  As listed, this time I used Pappy’s Prime Rib Rub.  All 9 family members, who regularly eat my smoke-roasted beef, said that this is the best ever.  I agree.  Oh, it's goooood.



I thumbed through the Striploins.  This looked like the best selection.  Fourteen pounds.



This is what it looked like out of the cryovac.  Not bad.



This is what the hidden side looked like.  I wanted to trim it down to the bare meat to ensure good rub coverage.



The fat side after trimming.  I nicked this one up pretty good when I got a bit frustrated (very sharp knife).



Three and a half pounds of trimmings that I rendered into tallow.



Into the MasterBuilt 1050.


It was quite good.  I'm going to try Pappy’s Prime Rib Rub on other cuts.  I may have found the rub I stay with.

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