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FAO Masterbuilt Owners... Query...

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Looking at the Masterbuilt and here in the UK i can see 2 models:


Masterbuilt 300S Kamado Ceramic Grill


Masterbuilt MCG330S Classic Kamado Ceramic Grill


but unable to find any specific regarding the different (or what appears to be different based on the product number)


Anyone have any ideas? Nothing on the Masterbuilt UK site regarding differences but as they are advertising the MCG300s wondering if the 330 was an older version??


thanks in advance...

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I think the 330 may be a newer model as the RRP is showing as £699 whereas on other sites for the 300 it’s showing as £629 which is what I paid for mine. Looks the same but I do know when I went into the shop the ash scraper and firebox still had Kamado Joe name on but by the time I got mine they didn’t so maybe that is the new version. It is made in the same factory as the KJ, there are some clues in the box, and it carries the same warranty. 

Basically it is a Kamado Joe Classic 1 but in black, without the ash drawer, in a different cart and without the divide and conquer rack but I see you can get that as an upgrade from that shop, otherwise you can buy it afterwards. You do get a rack with 3 legs and when you try to fit it into the grooves on the ring you’ll see there are 4 so probably made for the d&c. Heat deflector is in one piece but you can use it as a pizza stone if you buy the half moon ones and the grate is in one piece. For the price definitely worth considering.

In short, highly recommended, fun to use and easy to get good results, especially if you watch some of John’s videos. Just remember the temps are in F otherwise you’ll get some interesting results!


edit: there was another thread on this further down the page


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