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Chicken Reshmi Kebabs - sourdough pizza

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Pizza tasted very good.   I used my Joe Jr. to Roast the Chicken Reshmi Kebabs and used my vision Classic B to bake the individual pizza.   For the cheese I used paneer cheese, extra old cheddar and pizza mozzarella.  The sauce for pizza was the serving sauce for Chicken Reshmi Kebabs.   This pizza will now be part of my pizza repertoire.   







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That looks very tasty. And inspiring - I haven’t done any kind of Indian pizzas before and I really think I should!


In my neck of the woods though, a reshmi kebab is totally different. It’s a patty formed of spiced mince - normally lamb, but can be chicken, grilled and then wrapped in a thin egg omelette. Very tasty, but very different. In fact, I’m going to add it my list of things to cook on the Kamado!

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