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New Ontario Akorn member

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Esteemed forum!  I've been a long time lurker on this site and first wanted to thank all who created it, maintain it and do what they do so we have this community.  John I think special shout out to you for all you have contributed here.  I've been on the pilgrimage to better q, for 25 years now.  Started with a weber kettle, still the most versatile cooking appliance aside of a wok known to humankind. :-) Then WSM's, a cookshack model 55 when I cooked for more people and now a wee Akorn Jr.  Went with the Akorn to try kamado cooking and I cook for 3-4 max and know well a 14" grate can cook a TON of food. :-)   I've done a couple cooks so far, chicken and higher temp items which have all turned out aces.  Moist!  This thing is pretty cool and I like the price, the fact it's not so fragile and is the right size for my use.  Looking forward to learning more as when you think you're good, you're just asking to be humbled. :-)  And there's frankly a band of aces on this board. 


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Welcome aboard from an Akorn nut just down the 401.  Get yourself a diffuser for smoking, a phone to photograph the results and some beer and you are underway!  Look forward to seeing your cooks.



it’s not a trip to the lake without tossing the Akorn Jr into the boat!

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Welcome, glad to have both you and your Akorn. I have seen some truly amazing cooks come of those amazing and yet affordable grills.Great way to start your kamado cooking journey. Enjoy the learning curve and the forum conversation. Truth is you never stop learning, I have been cooking a kamado for years and years and still find new little tips here and there while reading our forum's posts. 

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