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Got a new Joe? Unboxing, assembly and first burn video


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7 hours ago, Sherbet66 said:

Excellent stuff. I'd strongly advise anyone new to KJ to watch this (twice) before laying a finger on the box. Time well spent. I'd add one minor thing, before assembling the (rough) ceramic sections and internals, it's a good idea to take your watch off. I say this from experience. 

Great call out, forgot this 

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6 hours ago, Misguided said:

Very nice! When will the video with the different starting torches/mechanisms be out?


I have two or three other videos recorded and edited that will come out first.... I have some content for torches and fans to record next.


What I am thinking is

- starter cube in coal

- cube in chimney 

- looft lighter

- JJGeorge torch 

- Grill gun 


See pro's and con's and results starting the fire for each 

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1 hour ago, Misguided said:

Cool. Been thinking about that as I wait for mine. I did buy a box of kj starters so I have something on hand.


I like the starters, they feel more campfire to me than some of the other methods.  my one grill torch makes me giggle so we can have some fun with that (and I suspect it will be the fastest to come up to temp)

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