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Tearful Reunion With Old Friend- kinda


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While shopping @ Costco for St. Louis style ribs on Sunday, getting ready for my Labor Day smoke, to my shock I saw they had tomahawk ribeyes for the first time this year. Can you say tomahawk without it being cultural appropriation? Nevermind... Anyway, I was much too tired to cook it after arising early to prep and cook the ribs. Which unfortunately now means that instead of sharing this with seven people, it's now going to be a meal for one. Well, more of a dinner / breakfast double-header.


Anyway, smacked it with koshering salt and heavy black pepper, bathed it in pecan smoke for 2 1/2 hours, then rested and placed on the soapstone after reaching searing temp. Came out magnifique...





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@CentralTexBBQ I went to Costco in NKY last Friday for a couple of things. I stopped and looked at the meat and bought a tomahawk and some chuck roast. The chuck roast that were about 3" thick with 2 roasts in the package. They were vacuum packed and frozen in two packages. I'm going to try and cook them low and slow later.


We had the tomahawk last Saturday:




And the leftovers as fajitas on Monday.



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