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Friday night ribs!


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Hi All!


Looks like the weather in northeast PA is starting to break for the fall.  No more scorching days.  Was a high today of mid 70's with a very slight breeze.  Beautiful day for a long low and slow.  The local market had St. Louis style ribs on sale so grabbed a rack.  A quick mustard lather then seasoned with BB Butt Rub and DP Spicy Dizzy Dust.  Fired up the KJ to about 225F with a full barrel of KJ Big Block.  This stuff is my "go-to"!  I can't always find it so when I do, I usually buy 5-10 bags just to be safe, its always huge pieces.  Through a couple chunks of mesquite in because I was out of apple.  Ran straight through for 4 1/2 hours without opening.  After that I opened and basted with Stubs BBQ sauce once every half hour until I reached 6 hours.  They came out delicious.  Not as meaty as the usual baby backs but I trimmed up before and all the extra fat rendered nicely.  Paired it with a fresh Red Lobster biscuit that my daughter baked all by herself!  Would definitely do these two dry rubs together again.  Thanks for looking!





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Wow!! The ribs look perfectly cooked. As they are topped with the Stubs BBQ sauce they look like a delicious meal with home-baked biscuits.

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