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1st overnight smoke did not go well


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I decided to try to smoke a pork butt overnight. I started at 10pm with lump and temp was steady at 230 degrees at 10:30pm. When I woke up at 8:30am the temp was 150 degrees and pork butt  was at 130 degrees. Should I throw it out or is it safe??? 


There was still smoke coming out the vent.


Should I have taken into account lower temperatures at night and opened both vents a bit more as ann adjustment?

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This was my first time at a long cook. 


If I want to long cook at 225 do I let temp get to 225 then start to close vents?

I am still unsure about when to start closing vents and how long to wait before putting the meat in.


How long should I let fire burn BEFORE closing lid? I almost close it right away but leave vents open for a while. Is this wrong?

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When i set up for 225f I fill the kamado with charcoal. Put one fire lighter in the centre. Light it with lid and bottom vent wide open.  I shut the lid after about 5 minutes with deflector plates in.  


When I see the needle start to register a temp (about 100f on the dial), I set my vents.  Then I let it come up to temp slowly.  This takes roughly an hour generally. Sometimes more sometimes a little less.


Another tip for long cooks is when you do open the lid, shut the vents own before openong the lid. Helps to keep the temp from climbing each time.



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Smoke dad has some good advice did you read John's book?

i would recommend a rib cook for practice. It will come with a little practice. What helped me was keeping a note book on the cook Settings of vents, temp held how long to stabilize, ect. I start my grill with bottom wide open and dome open til the fire starter goes out the add deflectors close dome and move remove the very top of the kontrol tower till about 180. Put top on and wait till about 200 then close top to 1/2 inch and the bottom the width of my finger. Then watch the temp and adjust as needed. These grills don't respond quickly to vent settings , the main thing is not to over shoot the temp. This is a little different than Nnank76 but there is no cast in stone rule for this. By the way how did it turn out?  By the way if you change charcoal brands all this might change somewhat.And if using used charcoal it will change also

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