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    • By SquatchSLC
      Picked this up yesterday! Not sure what it is, but it is old. Got it from my SIL’s grandfather. 
      If any of you recognize it I’d love some info. 
      it’s got some rough patches but I’m hoping to patch it up and put it to use. 

    • By Mark Kamado
      Hi everyone. First time poster as I've just discovered the forum. I've just bought the Masterbuild 300 kamado which is due to arrive on Tuesday so I've not even got it yet but I'm super excited and looking forward to seeing what lies ahead!
    • By cameronleespencer
      Hello There!
      Texan, currently living in Seattle, finally got a backyard to do some grilling in this summer!
      I'm currently grilling on a Weber performer, while I restore a Big Joe that I got off fb marketplace.  I have a thread in the DIY section with some photos if anyone is interested or has some good recommendations.  
      Can't wait to get cooking on the Kamado once it is up and running.  Most looking forward to cooking some pizzas and of course brisket, being a Texan!
      Cameron Spencer
    • By kamababy
      Hi Everyone,
      Just joined... woohoo!!
      So, as you can guess I just got my first kamado grill. A Joe Junior for me!!
      And I have many questions... :)
      I have been lurking on the forums for sometime now and it's time to join finally. Glad to be here and talk to you fine folks.
    • By Miklola
      Good evening all. I own a Cusinart gas 3 burner from Canadian Tire which has reached its use. I really wanted to take a real look into what I want from my grilling experience. I considered a Weber Genesis ii. then I remembered how my previous neighbor had a green egg. he had got it just after moving in and loved to share what he cooked with me. had me looking into it as an alternative and I discovered this kamato community. Holy ####, I did not know this existed. long story short I dropped the Weber and bought a kamado Joe classic ii about 4 hours ago. my whole family is excited.
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