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I don’t post enough, but when I do...

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Dude, the only th9ng prettier than those knives is what they are slicing

 Keep an eye out, if you blink I may jump your fence and take off with some piggy and some blades.


Nice work. Post more. Keep on Rockin In the free world

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4 hours ago, K_sqrd said:

I think those muffin things are Popovers and my wife was drooling on my screen when I showed

her this thread. My wife asked why you didn't share the Popover recipe. She loves them.

Tasty looking meal. Great job on the pork.


You are correct, popovers.  

the recipe is straight from ATK. 

preheat popover tins at 425 for 45 min. 

in a blender mix 

flour (5 oz) 

milk (8 oz) 

eggs (2) 

salt (1/2 tsp)

butter (2 tbs, melted) 

blend well! 


fill popover 6 well oiled tins 2/3 of the way. Bake for ~45 min. 

ps. Wifie’s new favorite breakfast is popovers stuffed with Brie cheese, strawberry jam and raspberries.  

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Thanks for posting the recipe. My wife loves Popovers. I like them with butter and jelly

and a few strips of bacon on the side. We'll have to try them with the Brie and jam - sounds yummy.

We only have them occasionally and do enjoy them.

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