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Hi, I was pointed to this site by a friend :-)


I own a Monolith Kamado, the basic cheaper version to their classic model and I've had it for just under 4 months. I feel like I'm having no end of issues with it, I'm trying to understand whether I am doing something wrong or if its just the grill and some items are poor quality.


Within the first month or so, the felt gasket from the bottom half crumbled away so it had to be replaced. Yesterday the gasket from the dome lid literally came away in one intact piece, pulling away some of the gasket from the bottom half with it. I went away for a few days last month, came back and the top vent which is coated cast iron I believe, rusted within 3 months with the coating peeling away (they replaced this under warranty accepting that it shouldn't happen so soon) and the grill grates and deflector plate holder are rusting too.


I've sought advice on how to care for this grill, its always kept covered and is situated under a bbq shelter outside.


I honestly don't know where I am going wrong, other people don't seem to be having the same issues as me. Monolith isn't a common brand in the UK so i'm finding it hard to get advice from other owners


Thanks in advance :-)

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I have some general advice. One some of the components that are rusting you are going to take a wire brush to them and keep them seasoned. This will need to be redone whenever you cook off the coating. 

My vent isn't CI so I would try seasoning it as well. There's something called pbw that might help cleaning things that get gunked up I just read about on the forum. 

There's some quality high temp non-toxic RTV that works well for the gasket. 

Good Luck and Welcome to Kamado. 

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