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Old beat up Auber on my brand new BJ III!


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I have this old Auber pit controller, I have not used it in years. I used to have a charcoal barrel smoker I used it on that has long rusted out.


For those not familiar with Auber this controller is as basic as it gets. No bells and whistles here. Just set the temp and thats it.


I just got my BJ III and have only done one long cook on it, a pork butt last weekend that went fine


I am going to do a big brisket cook on it this weekend and will have to do some of it while I am sleeping for various reasons.


I am kind of nervous doing this without really knowing how this pit will run. So I decided to dig out my old Auber just to try it and see how it would work.


The trap door on the blower was all gunked up from sitting in a box for probably 5 years, I cleaned it all up, cobbled up and adapter from some shim stock and off we went!


After a kabob cook last night I figured might as well put it on and see what would happen.


I really didnt think the blower was big enough. By the time I got the thing hooked up the pit temp was down to 200f. Afer about an hour with just guessing my top vent setting it was still sitting about 200f


Crap I thought. Not going to work.


So I started getting ready for bed, watched a little tv, came back and to check on it. Hey! right where I set it! 275f!


I was amazed. So I left it run for as long as it could with the coals in it.


Solid as a rock. I could not believe it.


So I may just try it on the brisket


Not really a huge fan of these things, I like doing things manually but for this I will give it a shot!


A few pics





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Yeah thanks. I should have posted it here. Then I saw Marks thread. So I started commenting on that. Next thing I knew I was taking over his thread with my cook LOL


Oh well...Here are some pics from my cook, I will skip the comments, most are self explanatory









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