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Kontrol Tower cleaning-how much PBW?


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Taking the advice of those here I bought some of this. The directions say 2-4oz per gallon to clean BBQ stuff


I take it thats by weight? How much do you use? I guess I could have weighed it but I just put in 3 heaping tablespoons in a bucket of water with just enough water to cover the tower



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Thanks for the reply


I am not sure, it might have. I left it in to soak overnight and before I left for work I took it out and rinsed it off quick in my garage sink before I left for work. Its just sitting there in the sink, I didn't look it at as I was in a rush.


From a quick glance at it I noticed that the lines on the tower were all nice and white again, so I was happy seeing that. It was bugging me that the first line was turning brown but really no big deal, that is expected


I will report back later today

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