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These Temp Probes Tangles Are Raising My BP


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I got all these temp probes and I'm not intelligent enough to figure out the best way to store them so 

they don't get tangled up like they are playing Twister.


I got the iKamand and the ThermoWorks system. I will survive if I just need to jumble them up and shove

them back in the "pouches" but I am smart enough to know some of you are smart enough to help me.


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Was lamenting to SWMBO one fine afternoon about just sort of a predicament with tangled cables.  She had just completed a bunch of Xmas wrapping and said "how about these bow tubes".  Probably wouldn't work in a pouch but I was storing them in a RubberMaid container and they worked great.  Got a rubber band around them to keep them tight.  Works great for me.D346369B-E866-4EE8-801D-7049D354C12E.thumb.jpeg.04bb2ee30536ba31dc26fd0a212a57b4.jpegD96BF1ED-904C-4BEB-B2CB-F1C3C8FE3AAB.thumb.jpeg.68aa8be309ac2f11fcb0a95520c003b5.jpeg

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I have an iGrill that came with four probes but only two of these probe wrap/keeper things (some Sam's Club deal several years back, mine is pre-Weber).


I ended up measuring it and creating a 3d model to print two more for the same reason, the two without were forever getting tangled.


If you have access to a 3d printer I can send you the model.


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