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John Setzler's Beef Brisket with Taters and Onions


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I took a stab at this one over the weekend.


I got up at 3am to start this thing to ensure it was ready by dinner.

I kept the grill around 225º with the Slo Roller in place.


The grill grate pic was when the brisket was at 160º internal temp, at which point I pulled the brisket off and placed it in the pan with carrots, onions, potatoes, beer, and some more of the beef rub I used.

It worked out perfectly, when the brisket hit 200º, I took the whole works off the grill, and the veggies were perfectly done, as was the meat.


Everything came off the grill around 6pm. Man, that took a long time, but the result was worth the effort.


The last pic is after my family had their way with it, it was a big hit.


This was my second all day low & slow cook, not just on the Kamado Joe, but ever.


Thanks for all the recipes!






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I don't know, Miller Rite is pretty fancy to some! 


Agreed, but now where do you go? That leaves all manner of choices. And potential to ruin or unknowingly perfect a dish with some obscure choice of brew to cook with. 

I suppose in most cases what you had on hand would most likely impart a favorable flavor. 

Say that three times fast! 

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