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Chocolate Monkey Bread


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This is my Bread Challenge Cook


Chocolate Monkey Bread


Had a hard time deciding on what kind of bread I wanted to do. Just so many kinds out there to try.  But in the end, I stuck to what I knew. 


Chose one Bread recipe for this type of cook and the rest was just adding what we like. In this case, this was made with @ckreefin mind. He loves his Chocolate.


So I got my ingredients together. Forgot to add my coco powder in pic.



Got first ingredients in mixer with the yeast.




Once yeast bubble, bout 5 minutes, I added the rest of the flour. Now let this rise 2 hours. 




I forgot my finished rise, but it  rosed over the top. 



Made a Butter and Brown sugar sauce which I poured half in my bundt pan. After I punch the dough down, I rolled some dough balls. Made a dry Sugar and Chocolate powder mix.





Put dough balls in the Chocolate Powder and Sugar mix and stack in bundt pan with melted Butter and Brown sugar . I sprinkle the rest of the Sugar and Coco powder mix on top and poured melted Chocolate, and Butter sauce on top.




Put on grill for 325* for 35 minutes.



The final touch. Added Chocolate Chips




Now the taste test. 



O my goodness...that is so tasty. I have made Monkey Bread but Not Homemade and never made a Chocolate. So I ask myself "Why did I Wait so long?".     

Will make again. The one thing bout this it is not overly sweet. Which is why I love this recipe.


Hope everyone gets to try one of these.


Thanks for Looking


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On 9/26/2020 at 3:29 AM, adm said:

My kids would love that. I might try your recipe one day soon.

Thank you @adm. I used two different recipe's. I use the dough recipe on one and the other for the Chocolate part. I'm guessing, Monkey Bread could be very versatile. 

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5 hours ago, KismetKamado said:

I’ve never seen a chocolate version of monkey bread before - that looks awesome!  I also really like that it wasn’t overly sweet. I have a feeling the family would really like this one. Great cook and entry!

Thank you @KismetKamado. It was a very low sugar Recepie. Only thing I think I would do differently, would be to take rest of dry ingredients sugar and chocolate which said dust over the top of the bread then add  ganache. I would incorporate the dry ingredients into the ginache sauce, To give it a more Chocolate goodness. 

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