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Having trouble getting a reply from Kamado Joe warranty folks.


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Hi All,

Back in late August one of my deflector plates cracked on my Big Joe during a warm up for a pulled pork cook. 

I called the warranty number and was instructed to email support instead.

I emailed them and asked if my plates fell under the warranty (Big Joe less than a year old) and I got a reply after a day or so to send pics and even sent a video.

I haven't head a word since.

I emailed them again a few of days ago, resent the previous email with the case number, and no reply.

Is anyone else having problems contacting Kamado Joe warranty?

Here is the pic I sent.




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Ok, thanks. That is exactly the form I filled out to get my first and only response asking for pics and documentation. 
BTW, I really couldn’t go without my Joe. Their website said the large deflector plates were out of stock, luckily Amazon had some. 
I have been too busy cooking all manner of things to post!





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I will try and comfort you.  They are a little slow but you must fill the form out and make sure you send pictures

of the KJ.


They have replaced everything I have submitted for warranty.  They replaced things I wouldn't have.  LOL


I believe most all of my problems were due to a high heat.


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I submitted a claim for a heat deflector as well in the beginning of July. I received it in the beginning of August and it was broken in the delivery. At that point I submitted a claim again with pictures of the broken delivery box and deflectors that I received and was told I was getting a new one when it was restock. I'm still waiting as well.

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I submitted a warranty claim and received a confirmation of said claim on 9/12/2020. I got a response today, 9/28/2020, stating that an order has been placed for my replacement parts, and that some of the parts are on backorder, so they cannot provide me an accurate shipping date.

Best of luck!

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Just now, social assassin said:

How long do they warranty the deflector plates?  One of mine cracked this past Saturday after an overnight Brisket cook.

I believe the heat deflectors are covered for three years. I'm not positive though.

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Do you have a large enough cast iron skillet?


I used one in my Akorn before I bought one for it


Actually the  Akorn one is really nice as well. Its super thick.


Worked pretty well


Depending on how bad its cracked you could also just wrap it in heavy duty aluminum foil to get you through. Probably what I would do instead of buying something

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