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My Interesting Evening. Goodbye Old Friend.

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4 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:


Forsaking the Ford's? I was just getting ready to say my profound estimation of you skyrocketed even further knowing you drove an F250! :rofl:

I have been a Ford man since working 20+ years for a company that bought exclusively GM products.  Never had a company car make it to 50,000 without a major engine problem.  Never had a company truck make it to 100,000 without, at least, 2 major turbo problems.  That's what got me to start buying Fords for my POVs.  Doing research for my next truck, consulting with contractor friends, I'm leaning strongly toward a new Tundra.  Yeah, it's hard to abandon a brand.  Old Blue was a 1994 F250 with a 7.5l V-8, New Blue was a 2000 F250 with the V-10.   I see a lot of 2017 and 2018 trucks from all brands on the dealer lots, so it looks like nobody wants to own one that's out of warranty.

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It is due to all the safety features they are building in cars now. I had an accident a few years ago where a car skidded in front of me while the driver was doing 60 MPH and I was driving 35 MPH. I w

Like this:

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1 hour ago, TKOBBQ said:

A lot of good reviews on the new Godzilla motor available in the F250's

Yeah, I've seen those.  I'm looking for something that can tow a stock trailer with 4 horses (9,000 lbs max) and still be used as a daily driver.  Trying to downsize, a little.

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9 hours ago, MikeRobinson said:

Not sure you're going to find a "daily driver" truck that can support that kind of tongue-weight. 

Yeah, for retired guys there is a different level of "daily driver", I've been averaging 8,000 miles a year on my 2018 Mazda.  The trailer is a goose neck so tongue weight is  less a factor than bed length.  I think the insurance cost of 2 cars + a truck vs a car and a truck may factor into the equation.

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On 12/7/2020 at 7:28 AM, len440 said:

Sooooooo what does your new ride look like?

It looks like a Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4X2 Eco Diesel in Night Edition.  Got it last Friday.  This is a very comfortable truck.  It will be interesting to see if the MPG lives up to what they say.

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Glad your quest is over for a new truck. My big horn is very comfortable for me good luck with the thick owners manual. Mine was mostly about the electronics. Took me 2 years to figure out what the back button below the screen was for even the dealer didn't know but i got lucky and figured it out. Don't know if they still have it. What kind of mileage are they saying? 

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