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Johns Chicago style pizza!!! MAN OH MAN


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I made Johns Chicago style pizza yesterday and all I can say that its fantastic!!


Only changes were I used a frozen pizza dough which I really like, I am not big into making dough


And I used a cast iron skillet.


I did have a slight issue. In the video John said to par cook it for about 10 minutes which I did. When I pulled it out the dough had really risen and was a little hard. I thought I ruined it! So I punched it down and kept going


This made the bottom crust a little thicker and chewier that I wanted but it was still great


I dont know if I just par cooked it too long, or maybe it was the difference in the dough I used. Next time I am going to check it at about 5 minutes (or less even)


And the sauce is great! Nice, simple ingredients easy to make


Hat off to John!!! Thank you so much for the videos and the sharing of your expertise!!!!


A few pics





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1 hour ago, Buttburner said:

Hey John I just remembered my bread machine has a dough cycle. Do you think it would work with your recipe?


I also have a Kitchen aid but no bread hook. I could try buying one but I would rather use the bread machine of it will work for this




Dunno... i have never tried it in a bread machine.


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I think it would work. All it does is knead the dough and lets it rest and rise then kneads it again for a few cycles. If I remember correctly


I have used it for pizza dough in the past many years ago. If I remember correctly lol


been many years and many beers ago

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Looks good. Here's another tip. 


You have a lot of onions and green peppers (nothing wrong with that). They contain a lot of liquid that's going to come out of them when cooking. Being under the sauce doesn't leave a way for that liquid to evaporate. That extra liquid can cause the dough on the bottom to be denser. If you pre cook the onions and peppers for a bit (about 1/2 way) that will get a bunch of that liquid out of the onions and green peppers before you put them in the pizza. Besides slightly caramelized onions taste better B)



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