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Tragger's big spatula for Brisket, Butt, and other large cuts.

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Recently bought a Timberline 850. No particular reason, just had money burning a hole in my pocket and always wanted to try a pellet grill. My dealer threw in some Traeger goodies, I assume because sales were probably down during the covid thing. One of the items was this oversize and weight spatula (see below). Wow this thing is great and makes it easy to work with big heavy cuts of meat on any grill. It is made of a big hunk of solid stainless and has a firmly bolted on wooden handle. Just guessing, I can't imagine anything I cook, including 25 lb turkeys, 16 lb briskets, etc could ever possibly bend it. It also has a ground knife edge at the end and along the left edge, I assume that is designed to help you slide it along your grate and then  under a heavy cut.   Regardless of what grill you cook on I think this is a fine piece of gear. I use it on my Egg all the time. It works especially well to lift spatchcock chickens. 


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1 hour ago, JeffieBoy said:

Well if that’s your BGE in the top corner of your photo,  then that is a big spatula!

Excellent, generated a good laugh.  My first reaction was wha.... , then I looked at the post. Those are matching BGE salt and pepper shakers, also a gift from my dealer when I purchased my Large BGE years and years ago. 

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