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I made a pizza with some Italian sausage I smoked!

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I used the dough recipe in John's "Why your pizza bombed" thread.


The day before, I had smoked some store-bought Italian sausages.  (First time I had done that, and they were amazing.)  Sliced a couple up and put them on the pizza with some red onions.


Sauce was San Marzanos with some chopped garlic, onion powder, and oregano, simmered for about an hour.


I intended on heating my KJ3 to about 600 degrees, but overshot it and it ended up being about 700.  I closed the vent and let it sit there for about 40 minutes to make sure everything was thoroughly heated.  I had the pizza stone sitting on a few aluminum foil balls on the heat deflectors, which were sitting on the grills which were on on the top rack.  Cooked the pizza at for just over 5 minutes.


I've just started messing with pizza about two months ago.  This was maybe the 8th I've made, and the third I made on the Kamado Joe.  Definitely the best one I've made, too.




I made two others during this cook, because I had the dough and the sauce for it.  One was carnitas and pickled red onion, and the other was pepperoni, jalapeno, and cream cheese.  I didn't use enough semolina on my peel for the carnitas pizza and had to scrape it onto the pizza stone with a spatula, so it came out a bit misshapen.  Hah.


The sausage pizza was absolutely the highlight, though.

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That's looks amazing! 
I have never tried out smoked sausages on my pizza. After looking at your delicious sausage pizza I would like to try it out. 
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