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What's your favorite pumpkin recipe?

John Setzler

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I bought 4 of these small sugar pumpkins the other day to use for pumpkin puree.  I halved them, cut the stems off, scooped out the core/seeds, and roasted them open side down on a sheet pan in my oven at 375°F for 45-50 minutes until they were nice and soft.  After they cool for a few minutes, the skins will mostly peel off in single sheets.  Then I put them in a mixing bowl and just sorta pulverized them myself.  My food processor was acting up so I just did these by hand.  Then I put it in a fine mesh strainer and let them drain over a mixing bowl, stirring them a few times along the way.  I covered that with plastic and let it drain in the fridge overnight.  This morning i divided it up into 2-cup portions and bagged them with the vacuum sealer.  I got 5 2-cup bags out of these 4 small pumpkins.  That's about 5lbs of puree.  I think I might do another batch or two of this because it does freeze well.....


I have some recipes lined up that use pumpkin that I'm excited to get working on.....



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That's right, it's that time of year when pumpkin finds its way in to everything,  even if it shouldn't.   


My favorite thing to do is collect the seeds, clean them and roast with butter and salt until golden.


It might be fun to try pumpkin bread.  Perhaps some pumpkin puree in the base for a savory soup.

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Not at all what you're looking for but my favorite pumkin recipe is in two words: sweet potatoes. Any sweet potato recipe works with pumpkin but, the taste of pumpkin, more specifically, the after taste is too disgusting for me. I am a roasted pepita person however.


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