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Parker House Rolls


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Good Day Kamado Gurus

Time to finally post my kamado bread challenge.   I tried several variation of bread recipes this month, a boule, a baguette, naan… I was not happy with them for various reason.   I decided to go with an oldie but goodie… a Thanksgiving recipe from about 6-7 years ago…. Parker House rolls.   What’s not to love… fluffy, buttery goodness…

I used a Cook’s Illustrated Parker House recipe.  They turned out great, and went great with a side of homemade tomato soup with basil.  Yum…  


















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Those rolls look great, beautiful! I tried a different dinner roll earlier this month, but changed up the recipe, and well not being an experience bread maker I should probably stick to a recipe...

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1 hour ago, ckreef said:


You might want to hold off on posting that recipe for a few days. Later today or tomorrow you'll know why. Wink, Wink B)


And i was just about to post it too....

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22 hours ago, gotzero said:



Separately, I would love to be able to make good naan or roti at home but it just has not happened for me.

the naan I baked tasted great, and it was perhaps cooked a little longer than I should have as it was not as soft as I would have like, a litter over cooked. 


I was able to use indian yogurt which gave it nice flavor.   definitely a cook I would try again.

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