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Garlic Knots


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Tonight Out of the blue I got hit with, "well, it is the last day of the month, what random thing are we eating for dinner?". September 30th is a crazy busy time for us, so there was never going to be an elaborate meal. I thought about the requirements, what was easy to do, and also our family favorites. We decided to make garlic knots and make them as a family, it was an easy meal, and truly wonderful to put the keyboards and phones down for an hour and all spend time together.


Start with dough cut up into small pieces.




Next, just make them long enough to tie into a knot. I made some for just dad that were stuffed with cheese and chopped up jalapenos from my garden. With all of the isolation and awfulness, I find being able to walk 100ft and pick my fresh food to be so nice. 




Next we tie everything into knots. The kids enjoy this so much and it makes it fun for me.




Now the garlic butter. A quick combination in what I assume is Lodge's smallest skillet.




And with a few moments of mixing we have garlic butter which we brush on each knot.




A quick bake in a ~500 degree F kamado.




And done and shortly after devoured.



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2 hours ago, MD_Ag said:

Looks great. Any specific dough mix?


Ken Forkish same day pizza dough, which we have made just about every 48-72 hours during our stay at home. We use it for everything from pizza to things I am embarrassed to admit for feeding kids in a pinch. 


One of my biggest work-from-home errors was the assumption we would BBQ more. We are so swamped between work and managing online school that I can go weeks without cooking outside. :(

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