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Ikamand on Big Joe III


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Oh a whim, I decided to buy one of these. I have an older Auber controller that works fine but I want to take that to my cabin up north and put it on the Akorn I am taking there that the BJ III replaces


I got it yesterday. Looking at the instructions it says to remove the 2 screws on the right slide the old door out and new one in


Ok easy enough


But the leg of the stand is in the way. Other than remove the cooker from the base or break the seal on the vent and remove it totally, any other options out there? I suppose I might be able to just pry it up a little from the cart but I really would hate to try something like that without knowing if that would work or not


I do NOT want to do either of these.


Might just send it back and keep the Auber unless anyone has a clever idea.



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I just looked at the install video they have


Look close its on a BJ III


When he slides the vent on at the 10second mark the leg is magically gone, at 12 seconds its back!


How do I do that lol


actually at the 9 second mark it does look like the cooker is spun around now that I watched it a few times


Yeah thats what they do but they dont show that part I would like to see that small detail lol


I just asked in the comments section. See if they reply ;). I see someone asked a month ago, no reply.



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Well I got it in. I ended up bending up the upper edge of the vent rail and slid it in place. Took my body hammer and gently tapped it back in place. I left the original slide in there as well like I see some people to


One thing


That vent adapter has sharp edges all over it, like razor blades! I took a file to it first. I took a pic of that too. Be forewarned if you buy one of these. The tiny tabs you see along the top edge in the second photo look like they are supposed to be there but they are just sharp edges that I knocked off with the file



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