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    • By Dr.G
      Hi Everybody! 
      I've owned a Pellet Joe for a nearly a month now and to be fair, quite disappointed from the result. I sure hope that Kamado Joe is working on improving the app to include graphs, alarms settings, improving connectivity issues (the app just freezes as the food burns...) but my two biggest concerns are:
      1. The Pellet Joe regularly overshoots by 70 degrees or more. While on my classic II and Joe jr I can make an adjustment, the Pellet Joe simply does not allow any corrections to be made nor does it allow for setting bellow 200. I therefore cannot cook low and slow. 
      2. Once the grill is up to temperature, the grill simply stop smoking that beautiful blue smoke. 50-60% of the time it just sits there. As a result, there is no smoke flavor to the food. It just tastes like baked food without a hint of smoke. 
      I tried changing pellets, using mesquite pellets, etc... nothing works. 
      I took care not to obstruct air flow to the electronic dome probe as well - no luck. I even attempted to contact Kamado Joe - No answer. 
      Any thoughts?
    • By John Setzler
      #KamadoJoe #PelletJoe
      The new pellet fired Kamado from Kamado Joe is now on the streets in limited availablity:
      I have one of these arriving here tomorrow so I can put some content together about this grill....

      Here's my walk-around video on this grill:
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