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Pellet Joe: Reverse Seared 2" Ribeye Steak

John Setzler

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I am on the record as not being a fan at all of boneless steaks in general and boneless ribeyes in particular. On the other hand, the marbling on that steak is fantastic. What grade of beef is that, John?


My two takaways are as follows:


  1. It is extremely interesting to see the flames and temps that can be reached on this pellet cooker. I haven't looked at pellet grills in years (only cooked on one once) and they weren't capable of searing with gimmicks or reaching these temps at that time.
  2. I thought it odd initially that the dial did not have some reference as to what temp you might reach on the therm. I guess you get use to dialing that in.
  3. For those who caution against too much smoke on poultry- and none of us is in favor of bad smoke- how do you navigate that on a pellet smoker which pumps out smoke full time as opposed to just a few wood chunks in a fire basket?
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It's a choice grade i got at Publix.


2 - There are temp settings associated with each stop on the dial and you can see what they are when you open the app.  It will show you what it's target temp is for that particular dial setting....


3 - I think you will find that a pellet grill makes perfect poultry every time... or at least it does in my opinion.  I always cook my chickens and turkeys on the pellet grill because of this.



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That's very impressive high temps for a pellet smoker! How much fuel did it burn in the process?


I'm also impressed with the speed that it came up to smoking and searing temps. I need a lot more patience (and effort/fiddling) with my regular Big Joe II to pull that off. 



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