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Imperial Kamado Replacement Firebox and Parts


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My boyfriend recently found an old, what I think is, Imperial Kamado in desperate need of some TLC. It has an 18in interior diameter. Are Classic Kamado Joe parts compatible? I only have one photo, at the moment, and its not a good one. The firebox crumbled immediately so that's really what were looking for, but replacement accessories might be necessary, they're pretty rusty.


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The bases shape is a bit different. However google Kamado King and get a hold of Augie Longo via phone or e-mail. He still has parts for Imperials. He used to work for them then bought Makosan out when he retired.

Personally I would as much as possible avoid mixing modern ceramic with your clay Kamado.

Here is a link I have posted in the past with some history and refurb areas. The hot links work and it came from the old Imperial Kamado webpage

If that link does not work let me know I will get a workable one to you. I'm on my alternate phone now and its quirky.



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 I have an imperial Kamado and was looking for a replacement fire ring and the hinge that goes around the outside. I realise this is an old add, thought it was worth a try.



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:welcome: Katz.  Your inquiry is not so old.  Recently, at least 2 new members have joined who own and are restoring Imperial kamados.  So, good luck with your restoration, and welcome to KG.

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