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KJ Classic III Cover?

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Hi all,


After ordering my KJ Classic III back on June 14th, it finally arrived yesterday!  A buddy came over to help lift and carry to the back yard(I had a cold case on ice) and fired up some burgers.  Best I've had at home yet!  Had a QQ about the cover.   The package said KJ Classic bbq cover, but when I drapped it over the KJ after it had fully cooled down it's as if it's too large... the vent cap fits perfect, but I have this large extra cover to the right, almost as if the shelf was supposed to be raised.  I've attached a pic where you can see it draping on the right side with lots of extra material.  There's also a triangle flap at the top back, near the vent cap, with 3 eyelets, but no eyelets on the base for securing it.   This sounds like a silly question but with the high wind we get here, how does one properly fit this, or did they give me the wrong one?


Thanks in advance!


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Love the R2 cover comment.  That makes sense.  It's as if mine is for a KJ table insert with a right shelf.  Nothing a bungee chord or two won't fix.  Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something, and aside from missing the proper cover, I can make do with this...


Thanks all!  To the Canadian members, Happy Thanksgiving!  

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