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Hi Kamado Peeps,

So, my friend bought me a 100 day grain fed Cattleman’s cut. I went reversed seared method, but not finished off in pan ON the GRILL

Slowly brought her internal up to 49° Internal and rare. I had a steady burnt with cherry wood for over an hour.  Let rest and then finished off sliced on a bed on mashed potatoes, blanched asparagus with chimichurri homemade sauce.

What a brilliant pcs of meat just so good. One day I might spend the money and try a Wagu…

Keep smoking

20201010_173424 (2).jpg

20201010_184009 (3).jpg

20201010_190158 (2).jpg

20201010_192944 (2).jpg

20201010_194031 (2).jpg

20201010_200907 (2).jpg

20201010_201640 (2).jpg

20201010_201840 (2).jpg

20201010_203323 (2).jpg

20201010_184553 (2).jpg

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Did you take it off at 49 or about 5 degrees before? One of the best things I learned was that those big steaks keep cooking for around another 5 degrees while they are resting. I usaually take mine to around 54 and I could never work out why they were coming out medium rather than medium rare until I randomly left my probe in one day and seen how high the temp went while it was resting.

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I always do "searing" in a cast-iron skillet on the stove.


As a rule of thumb, I set the temperature-probe to alert me when the internal temperature of the meat is 10º below the target temperature.  I then take the meat off the grill and "tent" it under aluminum foil for about fifteen minutes.  If you leave the probe in, you'll see that the internal temperature "coasts" upward by about that amount during tenting.


Oddly enough, "searing" really doesn't raise the internal temperature that much, because it happens so fast.

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Hi CurlyTron

I took it off at 49° my temp profile pic was taken before finishes as sometimes my connection drops and then I lose my graph data – I need to get a better probe set. I will leave my prob in one day to check how much it cooks during rest, never really though of checking this. Thanks for razing an interesting aspect to monitor during a perfect cook

Agreed Mike Robinson

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