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Hey all!


After waiting over 4 months I'm finally the proud owner of a KJCIII.  I had a bradley for about 10 years and made the jump (after an unfortunate burn accident) to a Kamado and honestly, I'm regretting not doing this sooner.  Nothing against bradley, but the lump charcoal + wood is a flavour that's hard to beat.  Just wanted to shout out to those more, especially @John Setzler for helping us rookies navigate our kamados and the forum for posting recipes that we can follow.  I've lived a number of years in Singapore and have been to many remote places on the map, so if you're craving something that's native to the SEA part of the world, PM me and if I've tried/acquired one you're after I'll be happy to share.  


Cheers all and thank you again for making the kamado experience an enjoyable one!  



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